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Are you using cybersecurity to
improve your company’s performance?


Are you just throwing money at a problem?

Of course, your company needs protection to avoid:

X Data Breaches
X Damaged reputation & loss of trust
X Stolen Intellectual Property
X Expensive remediation
X Lost productivity
X Costly regulatory fines


Let’s knock down these myths right now:

Myth #1: Information Security and IT are the same.

  • Not true, they have different roles, different training, and different skill sets.
  • IT keeps things running, and Information Security protects against bad actors.

Myth #2: Information Security Projects don’t add value.

  • Done right, they can improve your company’s competitiveness.
  • Give you more and better tools to compete.
  • Accelerate your company’s response to new opportunities.


Your business can benefit from its cybersecurity investment:

  • Leverage business data
  • Deliver innovation
  • Rapid response to opportunities
  • Deliver faster growth
  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce cost


I can help:

Business Performance Improvement – CISO Services

“I have been proposing and delivering innovative process improvement projects for more than thirty years and working in cybersecurity for more than fifteen years.
I know how to combine them for the benefit of your company.”
– David C. Brown; Founder Business Complete Solutions.


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About Business Complete Solutions

Business Complete Solutions is a Business Performance Improvement CISO Services consulting company headquartered near Pittsburgh, PA.

David C. Brown, PMP, CISSP, is its founder and CEO. He and his partners work directly with senior management to help them to build capabilities that can respond quickly to opportunities while controlling costs and risks.

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