Manufacturing Cybersecurity: Manufacturer, is your company REALLY safe?

  • What took us $10 million and 10 years to develop;
    they were able to do for $1.4 million in six months.”
    – Brett Kingstone; former CEO of Super Vision talking
    about what Chinese IP theft did to his company.


  • Recently a U.S. furniture company with 100 employees
    had designs stolen. “Six months later, the Chinese were
    shipping furniture back to the states at half the prices.
    That quickly, the company was out of business,”
    – Steven P. Bucci, Ph.D., Director of the Douglas and
    Sarah Allison Center for Foreign and National Security
    Policy at the Heritage Foundation


  • “Malware encounters are shifting toward electronics
    manufacturing and the agriculture and mining industries
    at about six times the average encounter rate across
    industry verticals.”
    – Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report

Your Options to Protect Your Company from Cyber Criminals:


  • Give the responsibility to your IT department

The IT department’s role and responsibilities are to keep the networks, systems,

and devices all running so that the business runs smoothly. Cybersecurity’s role

is much different. It must protect the company and even shut it down when the risk

warrants it. Cybersecurity requires specialized skills and training that are

different from the IT professional. Besides, what IT department is not already flat

out with work?


  • Outsource it to a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

Ask yourself, how much can a 3rd party vendor in another state or country

possibly know about how my business operates and how to help me to meet

my goals?


  • Add full time expertise to your staff

Finding and hiring cybersecurity talent is difficult and becoming more so. “A small

talent pool, an inflated wage bubble and high tension in a virulent attack landscape

have made cybersecurity’s hiring crisis “the billion dollar” problem.” – ZDNet


  • Add On-Demand Cybersecurity Expertise to support your staff

Bring in cybersecurity talent that understands how cybersecurity methods and tools

can help your business grow and train your staff to build capability, and then serve

as an on-call CISO. Cybersecurity expertise is hard to find and it’s even harder to find

one that understands your manufacturing processes and concerns.

Background: David C. Brown

David Brown is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and has
more than 15 years of experience with cybersecurity issues, management, secure systems design, risk assessments, website security, eCommerce, and security training.

He also is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with more than
30 years of successful business improvement projects.

Examples of some projects that he has delivered include:

  • Standardized and consolidated processes and tools across 11 international
    manufacturing sites
  • Re-designed the Q/C process for a nuclear reactor-monitoring software product
    and reduced cycle time by 91% to deliver more than $100,000 in cost reductions per release cycle
  • Invented and patented a method to improve high-tech manufacturing performance
    for a Fortune 50 computer manufacturer (Patent #4,995,038)
  • Reduced product failure diagnosis process time in manufacturing by 97%



Find out how he can help you to
grow and protect and your business.

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