Are you making these three critical business mistakes???

First Mistake:

Disappointing improvements and "glued on" solutions.

Tacked on solutions do not work

Second Mistake:

Missing opportunities because employees don't share an understanding of how the people, departments, and technology really work together to meet the business goals.

No Common understanding of Tru Business Performance Improvement - TruBPI

Third Mistake:

Outdated business operations because of fear breaking something because you don't have an up-to-date, accurate picture of what's really going on.

Business Performance Improvement Project Overruns

Why this happens

The big picture - unwanted implications

The Key to Business Improvement Done Right

The single most important factor to successful Business Performance Improvement (BPI) is knowing what business information you have, what it means to your business goals, and how to protect and use it to your competitive advantage.

When done right, management is able to:

How we help you to solve these issues

i360 Reference ModelSM & TruBPISM Analysis

We have developed a unique reference model and a special analysis tool that will help you to focus all of your experts' perspectives on achieving common business goals.

Quickly and accurately identify and document the business "as-is" state

We use our innovative toolset and extensive experience to quickly document and analyze the "as-is" state of your operations.

Using traditional manual methods takes months, while our automated tools and methods deliver within weeks.

This saves you money and enables you to confidently seize new business opportunities.

You decide

  1. Do nothing - No change. Continue falling behind.

  2. Hire more consultants and outsource isolated parts of functionality for more disappointing improvements and "glued on" solutions.

  3. Move your enterprise forward and get all of the wood behind the arrowhead.

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